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Job Seekers

:: Demonstrate to employers that you have the skills
  to successfully perform in entry-level jobs
:: Take the first step on a career path
:: Identify the skills you may need to strengthen
  in order to carry out tasks successfully
:: Advance in the workplace

You can do all this by earning the National Work Readiness Credential. Once you have it, it is valid anywhere in the country -- for jobs in all types of industries. So, no matter where you live, the credential goes with you. It is not intended to replace academics, high school, or postsecondary education. Instead, it addresses the ability you have to perform basic entry-level tasks.

Getting the Credential
To get the credential, you take an online test at an authorized location. Click on the link, Where to Take the Test, to find the testing site nearest you.

The test should take about 2 1/2 hours to complete. It assesses the skills that businesses have identified as critical for entry-level workers to succeed in today's workplace and global economy:
- Speak so others can understand
- Listen actively
- Solve problems and make decisions
- Cooperate with others
- Resolve conflicts and negotiate
- Observe critically
- Take responsibility for learning
- Read with understanding
- Use math to solve problems

For information about how to prepare for the test:
National Work Readiness Credential Candidate Handbook

National Work Readiness Council
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